Sunday, February 10, 2008

Mulberry Trees Removed, Will Be Replaced Soon

During the week of February 4 - 8, 2008, three mulberry trees were removed from the west side of the park. They were badly rotted and they dropped heavy limbs without warning. Our contracted landscaper, and an independent arborist, both recommended these trees be removed before a falling limb did serious damage or caused injury. They will be replaced with three sunburst locust trees whch are fast growing, more suitable for a park environment, and provide excellent shade. We've posted pictures to show the rot in the mulberries after they were cut down.

A drainage project along the west walkway and the northern edge of the Park has been completed. We're pleased to report that water no longer pools in these locations.

Major trimming of Park trees and trees that block lights will begin on March 3, 2008. This work will take about a week to complete.

Additional measures to prevent vehicles from unauthorized entry into the Park will be taken during April and May.