Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Report Problems at the Park Online

You can report problems at Tenaya Park online. When you post a comment to this blog, it will be Emailed to members of the Tenaya Park Board. For now, you can make anonymous posts. However, the Board may choose not to respond to comments posted anonymously.


Cat said...

Regarding the vote on the basketball hoops, I would like to hear some discussion. Why do some feel the hoops should be removed and some feel they should stay. I don't have an opinion one way or the other right now so I'd like to hear what the reasoning is behind people's votes. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

This is Michael Habibe and I just want to let people know that I found a set of keys to a GMC auto/SUV at the park on the West Side in the Sample cul-del-sac.

I left them at my parents' house on 1365 W Tenaya Way. You can call them at 435-0620 or me at 903-4020.

mnhabibe said...

Hi everyone,

Brian Assadourian and I just chased off some high school kids who were refusing to clean up their beer bottles from the the southwest cul-de-sac on Sample. They drove in a 4-door compact,
license 4HNA-275.

We were assisting our neighbor as she was trying to chase these kids off. This lady should not have to be outside, alone, on a Saturday night, yelling at these punks.

25 minutes earlier, I had phoned the Sheriff and kindly requested (i.e., as a non-emergency call) that they just have a patrol car "make rounds" in the cul-de-sac at night.

Usually that is sufficient to scatter the under-age-partiers (i.e., it used to scatter me back then:). Yet, the Sheriff never responds, or is too late.

We now pay to maintain the park, and the county still cannot hold up their end. Brian and I felt obligated to go out and scare these kids --- a little bit of dramatic yelling and screaming.

We really didn't and cannot physically contact them, lest we risk a lawsuit from their less-than-supervisory parent(s).

They are for the most part harmless, unlike some of the less savory county denizens the Sheriff is probably spending the time dealing with.

Still, it begs the question, should we hire private security - or even just make the whole thing gated?

The only other suggestion (i.e., as I end this tirade and check my blood pressure) is to put more than a little pressure on Supervisor Susan Anderson, who is up for reelection. I am willing to go to any meetings if given some notice.

Anyway, thanks for reading this ramble. Let's keep trying to keep the park a safe and peaceful place for its residents!

P.S. - Kudos to Cynthia & Vern for all the incredibly hard work toward that end!!!

Mike Habibe 435-7046

Sample said...

**See comments under Dogs off Leash...my comments apply to this area as well...regarding the park, but primarily apply to Off-Leash dogs in the neighborhood, WITH their owner(s)