Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Drinking fountain and other news

We are still struggling to fix the fountain:

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Tried the fountain this morning, and it is the same as prior to being fixed. The water runs normally for a few seconds, then goes to a dribble, too small to get a drink.


I asked Daniel to go by and check it again and get the exact part number for the part that controls the flow. We may as well order a replacement now once Daniel confirms the part number... and hopefully he can flush it out again.


We have experienced some spray painted graffiti on the south walkway fences, which I removed last Thursday (2/11). Please report any graffiti to me at Please don't call, email is better for me. Graffiti grows exponentially if not removed immediately.

The entire lawn was treated with a broad leaf herbicide today, so I have turned on the water to wash the product off the surface and into the grass so it will not affect pets. When we have another rain event, I will turn it off again.

Vern Grant

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