Monday, February 1, 2010

Tenaya Estates Fiscal Report 2009-2010 Fiscal Year through 12/31/2009

Expenses to date
Maintenance and Repair $ 9,537.91
Fresno City Utilities (Water) 3,653.77
County Required Liability Ins. 1,361.86
Light and Power 641.18
Professional fees (Tax filing) 360.00
Administrative fees 25.00
Total Expenses $15,579.72

Total Expenses allowed for fiscal year per County contract $28,500.00
Remaining expense reimbursements allowed fiscal year $12,920.28

Balance in Checking account on 12/31/09 $ 3,375.72
Expense reimbursement from County expected 2/15/10 11,780.94
Donations pledged for purchase and planting of 6 trees 672.00
Total $15,828.66

Questions regarding the finances of the park operations may be directed to Paul Heath. My phone number is 435-0399.


Paul W. Heath

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